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Spy x Family Pop Up

January 28th

12 PM - 8 PM

Kitsune Friar

7500 Woodbine Ave

Markham, ON

L3R 1A8

$10 Seating & Activity Fee

Welcome to The Eden College Entrance Examination!

Will you finish your exam with elegance and make the cut?

Each seating will have a secret mission to complete, it is advised to work individually as you never know who could be a traitor! First person to solve the Ciphers in each seating will get a Dessert Box as a prize. (9 Boxes Total)

A free raffle will be integrated with your secret mission.

Good luck everyone!

$50 3-Course Set Menus.

Each Set is Available by Request Only: Halal, Gluten Free and Vegetarian

Choose from 3 Set Menus inspired by Loid & Yor's Cooking from the series

Please note that Anya's Meal Set will Have Peanuts. The allergy can be accommodated but we cannot guarantee thorough control of cross contamination. Order at your own risk.

Spy x Family Cafe: Services

Gashapon Raffle


1 Spin for $3

4 Spins for $10


1 x Custom 3-4 Inch Spy x Family Tattoo from Tattoo Artist Janet Cheung (up to $300 Value)
1 x Look Up Figure ($80 Value)
3 x Crochet Item by So Craftful  ($15 Value)

10 x Prints by Masterdadabelle

5 x Acrylic Stand Blind Box ($15 Value)
5 x Acrylic Keychain Blind Box ($15 Value)

3 x Manju Bean Bag Blind Box ($20 Value)

1 x Notebook Set ($20 Value)

+ TBA Prizes from Vendors