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Edible Image Printing

Edible Image Printing: Text

Choose from 4 Types of Paper!

Create your own customised Edible Wafer Image to decorate your cake, cookies, drinks and more. Just send us your image or logo and we'll print it onto an edible wafer sheet. Text can be added for no extra charge.

To send us your images and text instructions, simply reply to the order confirmation email you'll receive after placing your order. We'll then email you with a proof for your approval prior to printing (if required).

Please ensure your image is high quality / resolution for a better print

Allow up to 2 business days to print

Due to the ingredients and printing process involved, the finished image may vary slightly from your supplied image

Tips for supplying your images or files for A4 prints:

Images can be supplied as .jpg, .png, or .gif files

Documents can be sent as .pdf (see below). We don't recommend WORD docs as the placement or fonts may not be the same when opened on our system.

If no specific measurements are provided when supplying images, we'll assume you want the image printed as large as possible on A4 sheet.

Please attach files to your email, rather than a link to online drive or storage.

Supplying as a PDF:

Set up your document as A4

For landscape orientation, leave a white border of 10mm on the left and 5mm around the rest of the page

For portrait orientation, leave a white border of 10mm at the top and 5mm around the rest of the page

Edible Image Printing: Text

Rice Paper

The most versatile paper, use it on desserts, savoury items and drinks!


Photo Transfers

Add a little water and transfer your image


Personalize everyday snacks

Easy to apply and tastless

Latte Art

Floats on beverages!


Cocktail Art

A Wedding Favourite!

Edible Image Printing: Services

Edible Rice Paper

Customize anything you want at home!

Edible Image Printing: Service

Icing Paper

Use with Desserts and Hot Beverages!


Customize your cakes

Easy to apply directly to buttercream or fondant


Customize your dessert Tables

Paw Patrol Chocolate Covered Oreos

Latte Art

Floats only on hot milk (& Alternative) based drinks


Customized Sugar Cookies

Corporate Party Favour Favourite

Edible Image Printing: Services

Edible Icing Paper

Customize your desserts

Available in pre-cut circles

Edible Image Printing: Service

Chocolate Transfer Paper

For Chocolate and Meringues


Easy to use

Unicorn Cakesicles


Elevate simple Desserts

Chocolate Covered Rice Crispies

Meringue Kisses

Oven-Safe up to 180 Degrees Fahrenheit


Customize your pastries

Set your choux pastry apart from the rest!

Edible Image Printing: Services

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Ideally used on White chocolate! My first attempt to use it on chocolate dipped donuts :D

(my dip sucked on the edges)

IMG_20210908_113937 (2).jpg
Edible Image Printing: Service
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