Pop Up Café FAQ

Please feel free to address any other questions or concerns!

How will the Admission be sold?

The Entry Fee will only be sold on this website and on site the day of the event.

How many Admissions can I purchase at a time?

You can purchase as many as you want, just please let us know who is in your party for the check in process.

What is included with the Entry Fee?

The Door Entry Fee only included access to the venue space, 1 Raffle Ticket and 2 Game Tickets.

What if I pay for Entry Fee now and order food later?

We cannot guarantee any available table seating or Food if you do not pre-order. You can purchase your entry ticket in advance and order food. When Ordering food later please include your Order # from your Entry Fee.

Can I buy extra tickets if my friends still have not decided?

Yes you can, just follow up with the name of the person who owns it.

Will you have food for sale at the event?

We will have a very limited amount of extra food to order the day of the event. The Kitchen at the Venue is extremely small. Please understand that food for potentially 200 people will be catered by 1 person. To ensure quality and a quick food hand off Pre-Ordering is strongly recommended if you do not want to be disappointed.

Will you have Take Out?

Yes! Take out is an option available if you pre-order as well! We will also provide containers for left overs to bring home.

Do you have Vegetarian Options?

We have vegetarian options for A la carte. due to the complexity of the Afternoon Tea we will not have a vegetarian alternative.

Is any food Halal?

Almost all desserts contain Vanilla Extract. You can decided at your discretion. 

Halal Alternatives will be Available for Pre-Order Only

What are your food allergens?

We'll pretty much have all food allergens except for Peanuts. We are careful to the best of our ability to not cross contaminate. If you have a severe allergy, please don't risk it.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and dislikes?

Not for this event unfortunately. If it's something small like you don't want cabbage in your katsu burger, you don't like seafood (Maki Roll) then that's reasonable!

How long is the seating and when do I arrive?

Each Seating is 1 hour and 15 Minutes long.

Feel Free come early to check out the venue and take advantage of the vendor area with friends before it gets crowded.

What are the seating times?

Seating 1 |12:00 - 1:15

Seating 2 |1:30 - 2:45

Seating 3 |3:00 - 4:15

Seating 4 |4:30 - 5:45

Seating 5 |6:00 - 7:15
Seating 6 |7:30 - 8:45

We're ordering our food and entry seperately. How do I sit with my friends?

When you order food there is a questionnaire to fill out.
What is your group size?
What are the names of your group?

I caved into peer pressure and bought/ordered food after my friends have already ordered. Can I sit with them?

We have tables that fit up to 8 guests. Simply fill out the questionnaire when ordering your food and we'll know to add you to your friend group.

I decided to come to the event the day of, can I sit with my friends?

that is fine! However, we cannot garantee you'll be able to order an food. You can order as many drinks that you want from the venue.