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July 30th

The Collective Workspace

14 Leswyn Road

North York, ON

M6A 1K2

(416) 816-5879

Studio Ghibli Fan Pop-Up

Let's live our repressed dreams of going to Japan and visiting a Ghibli Café XD We'll have Matsuri Inspired Games available to play with Ghibli Merch to win. Join us for Food, Drinks, Raffles, Games, Vendors and more!

Venue Admission: 

$20 General Admission

$10 for Child Admission (5 to 13 years of age)

Free Preschooler Admission (Age 4 and under)

What is included with General Admission?
Access to Venue

1 Garapon Spin

1 Katanuki

3 Matsuri Game Tickets

1 Server Game Card

*Child Admission doesn't include Matsuri Game Tickets

Studio Ghibli Fan Cafe: Services

Vaccination & Masks

Our staff has agreed to keep vaccine passports mandatory. We understand that mask mandates have been lifted March 12th and will respect everyone who chooses to not wear a mask at this event in 3 months time. Please be civil with each other and harassment will not be tolerated towards either parties.

Staff have chosen to wear their mask for the safety of high risk family members and underaged children.

Meet your servers and play some games!

Studio Ghibli Fan Cafe: Team Members

Hatsu Hirari Cosplay


Vendor List

Support your Local Small Business & Fellow Fans!



Artist Gallery

Shop Located in Langham Square!

2703 - 8339 Kennedy Road Markham Ontario L3R 5T5 Canada

Enamal Pins


Reddo Panda Studio

Markham Home Studio

A Gorgeous Japanese Set Up by Reddo Panda Cos.

6 Time Slots: $20 for 15 Minutes

$1 per minute for use of space on a first come first serve basis


Shirayuki Nikki

Artist Gallery

Shop located in Langham Square!

2703 - 8339 Kennedy Road Markham Ontario L3R 5T5 Canada

  • Mugs

  • Glass Tumblers

  • Pins

  • Plushies



Cosplay Prop Commissioner

Hello, I'm a cosplay prop maker based in Toronto, I'm good at crafts and will be selling Ghibli Themed Face Masks and Draw String Bags.

If you are ever interest in commissioning props, don't hesitate to check out my work on Instagram and send an inquiry


Sleepy Pudding Plushies

Plush Artist

Hello! My name is Charline and I’m a plush artist based in Toronto who created Sleepy Pudding Plushies. I have been sewing for years and more recently developed an interest for making plushies. I specialize in plushie keychains and decorative plushies. I also love working on other projects like pillows or anything that requires embroidery. I mostly make anime or video game related characters, but my favorites to make are Pokémon and Studio Ghibli characters!




Hand Painted Canvases

Studio Ghibli Fan Cafe: Team
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