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One Piece Café

April 30th

12 PM - 8:00 PM

Kitsune Friar

7500 Woodbine Ave

Markham, ON

L3R 1A8

$15 Seating, Activity & Free Raffle Draw

Tomato Gang is recruiting! Join us as we hunt down Pandaman to collect his overdue debts. What treasure await you?

Who is Pandaman?

Pandaman is a joke character created by Eiichiro Oda, and one of the most prominent easter eggs in One Piece. He can often be seen running away in the midst of a crowd. 

Who is Tomato Gang?

Tomato Gang is a debt collector who is after Pandaman. The two often show up in panels together, as Pandaman is constantly on the run from him.

Food Pre-Order Only: Cut Off is April 15th

Available by Request Only: Halal, Gluten Free and Vegetarian

So Craftful
Melodic Misa
Space Queen Studios
Mini Me Mochi

Doki Doki Land
Petite Paire

Teem Bun

The Ikioi Effect

Graphix and Co


Treasure Hunt Raffle

 Early Bird Raffle Sale before April 1st

1 Pick for $3 (1 for $5 after April 1st)

4 Picks for $10 (5 for $20 after April 1st)


1 x Custom 3-4 Inch One Piece Tattoo from Tattoo Artist Janet Cheung (up to $300 Value)
3 x Figures from Doki Doki Land ($30-50)

3 x Figures from Sino Hobby ($30-$50)
2 x Planters by Space Queen Studios ($30-40)

3 x Items from So_Craftful ($10-20)
3 x Items from SimplySanDIY ($10-20)
3 x Items from Shirayukinikki ($10-30)
18 x Mochi from Minimemochi ($4)

12 x Choux by Teem Bun ($7)
5 x Luffy Enamel Pins ($10)
45 x Car/Window Stickers ($2)

70 x Croc Charms ($2)

20 x Chopper Enamel Pins ($10)
300 x Stickers (one for everyoneeeeeeeee)

24 x Acrylic Standees ($10)
12 x Den Den Mushi ($20)


Kitsune Friar

Yoshoku restaurant

Kitsune Friar is the new Sister Restaurant to Tanuki in J-Town. True to their love and support of culture, Kitsune Friar is located in the adorable K-Chon, a Korean Shopping Village.

Tanuki & Kitsune was created by two born and raised Markham locals who have travelled extensively through the back alleys of Asia, looking for the most unique and interesting flavours. 

After many years of working at some of the top restaurants and hotels in the city, the chefs have returned to their roots to create a modern take on Japanese comfort food, using local seasonal produce and a strong inspiration from Markham culture.

Free parking on site and Easy to access.

Get in Touch



We have a zero tolerance policy towards any harassment to our staff and your fellow guest. You will be escorted off of the premise if you persist to step out of line.

Don't be an asshole and let everyone enjoy the event.

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Set Menu & Drinks

We Highly Recommend Pre-Ordering for a smoother experience.

Limited A La Carte Available during event, drinks can be ordered on site.

Every $50 spent on Food & Raffles before March 23rd gets a Free Drink or Raffle Ticket

Pre-Order Ends on April 15th

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